America's Exclusive Healthcare Parking, Transportation, and
Hospitality Provider.


Addressing the needs exclusive to the healthcare industry.


Dedicated to integrity, respect, and compassion.


Servicing hospital and medical centers coast to coast.

ParkMed Hospitality provides a full-range of hospitality-related services
exclusively to the healthcare industry nationwide.

We are committed to providing hospitality services that improve the patient experience by delivering the spirit of hope and sowing the seeds of encouragement for patients and guests at every touchpoint. We lead the industry with our empathy-driven service design that can be customized to fit the needs of your local community while always maintaining a streamlined operation. 

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(Cleveland Clinic’s Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care)

Mission Statement

Elevating the Human Experience with empathy-driven healthcare hospitality services.


We are dedicated to empathy, integrity and the utmost respect for people


To do whatever it takes to make the guest happy

Featured Service

Greeters & Front-Door Ambassadors

During the coronavirus outbreak, ParkMed Hospitality proved to be a saving grace for hospitals who were struggling to sort through incoming cases while approaching max capacity. We relieved nurses and other vital staff from providing health screening at employee, emergency, and main entrances so they could attend to critical patients. ParkMed Hospitality’s Checkpoint Screeners and Greeters were a source of calm and encouragement for patients and visitors during a stressful time in our country. 

man sitting behind a desk with the top of the computer screen in view. He is wearing a red ParkMed Hospitality mnaager uniform polo and a blue mask over his mouth and nose.

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ParkMed Announces Name Change to ParkMed Hospitality

ParkMed, America’s Exclusive Healthcare Parking, Transportation, and Hospitality Provider, announced today that it is changing its name to ParkMed Hospitality. The name change reflects the company’s expertise in Elevating the Human Experience through healthcare hospitality services.

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