ParkMed Hospitality provides hospitality services to hospitals and medical centers of all sizes nationwide. Our services were designed in the spirit of stewardship and driven by empathy. There’s no greater accomplishment than building relationships with patients, visitors, and staff and proving encouragement to those who need it most.

ParkMed Hospitality Greeter at the entrance of a hospital with a patient walking in the background

Greeters & Guest Service Coordinators

A friendly smile and an approachable demeanor can change someone’s day. ParkMed Hospitality’s Greeters and Guest Service Coordinators provide warm welcomes to patients and guests. They encourage safe social distancing guidelines and can provide general health screenings.


Searching for a parking spot is the last thing on a guest’s mind when arriving at a hospital. ParkMed Hospitality thinks of valet parking as an opportunity to ease the guest’s mind and to help them reach a pleasant mindset before stepping through your facility’s doors. Our ambassadors also assist patients out of their cars, bring them wheelchairs, and direct them where they need to go.

ParkMed Hospitality Valet Parking Healthcare Hospital Services
ParkMed Hospitality Employee Patient Shuttle Driver interacting with older male and female patients inside of a transit van


ParkMed Hospitality can accommodate all your shuttle service needs. Our fleet of vehicles range from 7-passenger minivans to 25-plus-passenger shuttle buses. Whether it’s for patients or employees using an off-site parking lot, our shuttle operations are a reliable way ensure easy access to your facility. Your organization reduce traffic and increase guest satisfaction by offering patients, guests, and staff ParkMed Hospitality’s Premier Shuttle Service. Our team members understand the importance of treating all visitors with compassion and kindness.


ParkMed Hospitality provides professional, economical, and efficient parking management services. Whether it’s a multilevel parking structure, or a small surface lot, ParkMed Hospitality has the tools and experience for your parking venue. Our attention to detail and devotion to service result in a safe and comfortable experience for all guests. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous staff:

  • Welcome every patient, guest, and employee as they exit or enter the premises
  • Secure the vehicles and safety of pedestrians at all points surrounding the premises
  • Proactively monitor the area for potential criminal activity.


Some hospital visits are unexpected. When a family is in reaction-mode, they’re not thinking of details like hotel accommodations if they rushed from out of town.       

Some hospital visits require the support of a patient’s family unit. Family members rushing to their loved ones side shouldn’t have to worry about details like hotel accommodations, finding a family-friendly restaurant in a city they don’t know, renting a car, or what have you. That’s where ParkMed Hospitality’s Hospital Information Desk Representatives come in. In conjunction with our valet, shuttle, or parking management services, ParkMed Hospitality provides knowledgeable ambassadors dedicated to fulfilling guests’ nonclinical needs to hospitality’s Five-Star Standards.


ParkMed Hospitality’s patient companions provide patients with one-on-one attention around the clock. They provide companionship through conversation, reading, games, and simply being present. They also have the ability to immediately alert medical staff at the first sign of an issue.

ParkMed Hospitality Patient Sitter with Patient at Healthcare Hospital


Make sure your patients get around the hospital safely with our patient transport and discharge ambassadors. Our ambassadors greet patients with a smile, assist with collecting patient belongings as needed and accompanies discharged patients until they have been properly released to their transportation home.

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