October 21, 2019

AdventHealth Spotlights ParkMed Hospitality's Front-Door Valet Ambassador

Thank you to AdventHealth for spotlighting ParkMed Hospitality and how we Improve the Patient Experience at AdventHealth Palm Coast. Our extensive training produces Front-Door Valet Ambassadors who exemplify ParkMed Hospitality’s vision and overall culture of service and empathy. We’ve been doing this for AdventHealth for the past decade. 

About ParkMed Hospitality

As America’s Exclusive Healthcare Parking, Transportation, and Hospitality Provider, ParkMed Hospitality provides a full-range of hospitality-related amenities, including Valet Parking, Self-Parking Management, Patient & Employee Shuttle Services, Greeters & Front-Door Ambassadors, Temperature Screeners, Patient Sitters, In-Patient Transport, and Concierge Services exclusively to the healthcare industry nationwide. Visit www.parkmed.org to learn more.