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Healthcare parking, transportation and hospitality


Valet parking sets the tone for guests when they arrive at your facility, and leaves an impression on them when they leave. Valet parking helps control the traffic flow through your doors and in your parking area. Door to door service provides shorter walks for those with disabilities, health problems, families with small children, and those who are simply pressed for time. In providing this value-added service, ParkMed emphasizes exceptional courtesy and attention to guests' individual needs.

ParkMed Valets


We understand parking challenges are an unwelcome distraction. For your convenience, ParkMed offers the option of Shuttle service.

ParkMed can accommodate all of your shuttle service needs. With our fleet of vehicles ranging from seven-passenger minivans to 25-plus-passenger shuttle buses, ParkMed can transport patients and employees safely and efficiently:

Your organization can increase traffic flow and customer satisfaction by offering your patients, visitors, and staff ParkMed's Premier Shuttle Service. Our Shuttle drivers are professionally trained to deliver this valuable door-to-door service. Our team members understand the importance of treating all visitors with compassion and kindness.


ParkMed's Front Door Ambassadors are here to lend a helping hand to those patients with disabilities and special medical needs, and to greet all guests upon arrival. The purpose of our team is to assist your visitors in any way possible. We help make your facility a safe, convenient and welcoming environment for everyone.

ParkMed Ambassadors

ParkMed's front door services meet important client needs and give your facility a competitive advantage.


The Concierge plays a vital role in the daily customer service operations of hospitals and medical centers. The word "concierge" in French means "keeper of the keys," and as the doorkeeper, the concierge becomes the point of contact for hospital patients who seek information or assistance during their stay. During times of distress, your patients and visitors should not be concerned with anything other than tending to their loved ones.

ParkMed's concierges makes this all possible. They can alleviate day-to-day burdens by assisting in errands such as:

Our concierge team's sole purpose is to make sure your patients' and their families needs are met and that they receive the best customer service experience possible. ParkMed concierges ensure your visitors' peace of mind and allow them to focus on the speedy recovery of their loved ones.


ParkMed provides professional, economical and efficient parking management services. We are experienced in all types of parking venues, from a small surface lot to multilevel parking structures. Our services allow your visitors to feel as secure and comfortable in your parking facility as they do inside your healthcare facility.

ParkMed's Healthcare Parking Management Program includes a full range of services. Our trained, uniformed, courteous professionals:

Because at ParkMed we aim to improve our clients' bottom line, our program also offers revenue control equipment and aggressive cost management. We draw on our unique experience with hospitals nationwide, to develop aggressive strategies that maximize space, improve revenue, and increase your property's value.